‘Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live’, Jim Rohn

What is Naturopathy?

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Naturopathy is a complementary health profession with a focus on holistically treating you as an individual and addressing your health concerns. Sam will take your detailed case history and work towards identifying the underlying cause(s) of your ill health, rather than just treating your symptoms. One of the major philosophies of Naturopathic health care is that the body has an innate ability to heal itself.

Conditions treated

Naturopath’s provide supportive treatment for a wide range of chronic and acute conditions including: fatigue, lack of energy, low mood, poor concentration, sleep issues, coughs, colds, sinus, hayfever, gastrointestinal problems such as IBS, Crohn’s, Fructose malabsorption, GORD, reproductive issues such as PMS, PCOS & endometriosis, weight loss, preconception care, diabetes, hypertension & high cholesterol.


Sam Marks is a Moonee Ponds based Naturopath (Melbourne). Treatment is multifaceted and varies depending on your condition & individual circumstances. Herbal medicine or nutritional supplements may be prescribed and range in price from $8 for teas through to $30 for a weeks supply of liquid herbs and nutritional supplements which range from $20-$80 (on average).

My #covidart collection is growing. Because, home & looking at the walls 😁

This is ’Nothing Lasts’ from Felicity Chiao. She has also described it as ’intrusive thoughts’ which gave it an extra nuance at this time.

It's a reasonably cheap print on Society 6.

Art & aesthetic experience may improve mood and overall wellbeing and here's a nice article on some reasons why
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As I reflected on *not* waking up in Milan for a millisecond this morning 😏 (and appreciating that the sound of steady rain is so transportive you can really close your eyes and imagine being anywhere) into my inbox popped a link to an article which segued into JOMO - the joy of missing out.

Yes, I missed using that hashtag yesterday.

It's a good read.
I wonder if identifying your values, setting goals & living a purposeful existence might also be useful at drowning out the ‘noise’ and focusing on what you need.

Let you know when I figure that out 😁 or vice versa

Link here: https://nesslabs.com/jomo
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I should be taking a ride on a big jet plane bound for Italy today, where I was going to show my daughter some of my favourite places and discover some new ones.

Working from home and not doing the almost 2-hour commute means I have probably spent more time with her in the past 6 months than the prior 6 years.
Let's be real, single parenting, homeschooling & WFH is not all sunshine & unicorns.

And yet I have zero FOMO of this holiday. I'm happier than a clam (or will be when the refund is finally processed 🙂)

Because I'm so incredibly grateful of the time we have had together over the past six months. To me, time is a gift. And I'm really mindful of not getting what I thought I wanted but actually experiencing something much better, at home.

I know many people are struggling with the extension of quarantine and are at their wits end. We all have different self care strategies - mine is taking advantage of early morning quietness - I hope you’re able to dip into them over the weekend.

Stay well
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Iso pop quiz: are you a swivel peeler (left) or Y peeler (right) fan?

Straight up I can tell you I *hate* one of these, with a passion.
It takes a tedious yet meditative task and stuffs it (harsher words than that are used when it's the only peeler to be found 😳🤬)

Team Swivel or Team Y? Or something else?
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