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What is Naturopathy?

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Naturopathy is a complementary health profession with a focus on holistically treating you as an individual and addressing your health concerns. Sam will take your detailed case history and work towards identifying the underlying cause(s) of your ill health, rather than just treating your symptoms. One of the major philosophies of Naturopathic health care is that the body has an innate ability to heal itself.

Conditions treated

Naturopath’s provide supportive treatment for a wide range of chronic and acute conditions including: fatigue, lack of energy, low mood, poor concentration, sleep issues, coughs, colds, sinus, hayfever, gastrointestinal problems such as IBS, Crohn’s, Fructose malabsorption, GORD, reproductive issues such as PMS, PCOS & endometriosis, weight loss, preconception care, diabetes, hypertension & high cholesterol.


Sam Marks is a Moonee Ponds based Naturopath (Melbourne). Treatment is multifaceted and varies depending on your condition & individual circumstances. Herbal medicine or nutritional supplements may be prescribed and range in price from $8 for teas through to $25 for a weeks supply of liquid herbs and nutritional supplements which range from $20-$60 (on average).

It's Sunday! Happy happy Sunday morning.

I'm a fan of awesome breakfast out on the weekend but also a simple meal in if I have a lot of work to do. So you got me, I'm procrasta-cooking.

How do you like your scrambled eggs? It wasn't until I had a guest recently who likes a sloppy congee porridge style that I became aware that some people cook & like scramble eggs way, way, differently to me 😂

Serious Eats had a great post on scrambled eggs. Actually he has a great post on pretty much everything cooking related - if you have some free time you could lose yourself for ages on that site.


For the record I'm a fan of adding herbs and I only stir gently until curds form and that's it. I know some that add turmeric but I'm personally not keen on the flavour in scramble eggs.

What's your scrambled eggs style? Sloppy v firm? Also, eggs on the side! Am I right?

#WeAllKnowEggsAreAGreatSourceOfNutrition #NotANutritionPost #FreeRangeOnly
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