‘Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live’, Jim Rohn

What is Naturopathy?

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Naturopathy is a complementary health profession with a focus on holistically treating you as an individual and addressing your health concerns. Sam will take your detailed case history and work towards identifying the underlying cause(s) of your ill health, rather than just treating your symptoms. One of the major philosophies of Naturopathic health care is that the body has an innate ability to heal itself.

Conditions treated

Naturopath’s provide supportive treatment for a wide range of chronic and acute conditions including: fatigue, lack of energy, low mood, poor concentration, sleep issues, coughs, colds, sinus, hayfever, gastrointestinal problems such as IBS, Crohn’s, Fructose malabsorption, GORD, reproductive issues such as PMS, PCOS & endometriosis, weight loss, preconception care, diabetes, hypertension & high cholesterol.


Sam Marks is a Moonee Ponds based Naturopath (Melbourne). Treatment is multifaceted and varies depending on your condition & individual circumstances. Herbal medicine or nutritional supplements may be prescribed and range in price from $8 for teas through to $25 for a weeks supply of liquid herbs and nutritional supplements which range from $20-$60 (on average).

Book delivery day. I've watched a bit of Annie Grace and I'm looking forward to reading this.

Anyone read it/used her approach?
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Hello Friday

This is how much pandemic fun I’m having 😷
I’ve never chucked coins into the automatic coin counter ... and it was strangely cool 😂 & for a good cause

*note, collected over a long time 🙄
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Leaky gut = leaky attention

Recent research (n=51 F, double-blind, randomized crossover trial) from the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition explored whether high v low saturated meals can tank our ability to concentrate. The same protocol was repeated 1-4 weeks later. The high saturated fat meal was designed to mimic commonly available fast food chain meals 🍔🍟.

Interestingly, 'leaky gut' or intestinal permeability was also assessed in the participants, using lipopolysaccharide binding proteins as one of the markers of 'gut leakyness'.
LPS is a marker of microbial translocation, meaning it crosses the intestinal wall and enters the bloodstream and is associated with inflammation.

Concentration was assessed using the continuous performance test, which is based on a 10-minute computer program which measures attention, concentration and reaction time.

Just the one high saturated fat meal was enough to impair attention, concentration and focus by an average of 11 percent v the unsaturated fat meal. This one off result may not be clinically relevant but more interesting to me are those with leaky gut had poorer attention no matter which meal they consumed - and that leaky gut it is associated with 'sustained attention deficits'.

Maybe the' takeaway' is to save the high fat meals for the weekend, and work on restoring the tight junctions of the gut for a whole host of health reasons and now - to improve your focus and concentration.


📸Photo by Ash Goldsbrough on Unsplash
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Meals that are quick-ish & easy, flavoursome, seasonal.
Sounds easy. Let’s start with breakfast? What are you eating to start the day? Coffee? Toast? Nothing?

Some people function fine with minimal fuel until lunch. For those that don’t here is a simple and easily adaptable breakfast idea you may not have thought of.

We’ve all had sweet Porridge. How about savoury for something new - these range from a congee style to a meal in a bowl.

Have your tried before? I agree it sounds completely whack but if you are more a savoury than sweet person it might suit.

My favourite is a mushroom & egg (tofu optional)

Splash of oil
1 small Garlic clove crushed
0.5cm ginger grated
0.5 tsp turmeric
1/2 cup oats
1 -1.5 cup water/dashi stock
50gm silken tofu
Salt & Pepper

Splash of olive oil
1 cup of assorted mushrooms
1 tbs soy sauce

1 poached, hard boiled or fried egg

Sliced Spring onions
Flat leaf parsley
Sliced chili

Sauté the garlic & ginger until garlic is translucent, add turmeric, oats, water and bring to the boil, add cubed tofu & turn down to a low simmer.

Add the oil to a fry pan and gently fry the mushrooms. Works with plain button but the mix of textures from assorted mushrooms is wonderful. Make some room in the pan & fry an egg (or poach or hard boil).

Added the cooked porridge, mushrooms, egg & toppings to the bowl.

A simpler version with avo & egg

Splash of oil
1 small Garlic clove crushed
0.5cm ginger grated
1/2 chopped tomato
1/2 cup oats
1 cup water/stock
1/2 ripe avo

1 fried, hard boiled or poached egg
Fresh herbs - parsley or coriander
Salt & Pepper
Squeeze lemon or lime juice

Sauté the garlic & ginger, tomato until garlic is translucent and tomato soft, add oats, water/stock and bring to the boil, & turn down to a low simmer until oats are cooked and the right level of liquidy consistency you prefer.
Pour into a bowl & add sliced avo, egg, salt & pepper and squeeze of juice.

This recipe is changeable so you can use up whatever you have in the fridge/pantry: add beans, Haloumi, feta, kale, tahini, Gomashio, pickles. Some people make a hole in the oats and crack the egg into it, put the lid on and steam it but that is just way too runny for me 😳 You can also cook a few days worth of porridge in advance and heat up & add the toppings when at work.
For those that just can't do savory oats - try left over rice, quinoa, other grains.
It's not for everyone but it is pretty simple & grounding in winter and nice for a change.
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