52 Weeks to a new me?

Wow, long time, no blog?!  You can tell I get most of my work through referrals 🙂

I’ve been randomly yet consistently posting my weekly healthy habit on my Facebook page and it occurred to me that I hadn’t really explained the purpose, other than ‘this is what I’m going to add to my life this week’. Insert sheepish shrug ‍♀️

So, to explain, I started this year with a clear goal to do things differently than the year I ended.

To end up in an even better place that where I started.

I think I was looking to be able to tick off some achievements that made a tangible difference to me, and my life.  And this doesn’t mean I’m going to be getting to Everest base camp every week (although one day ….?) – it’s a goal that is meaningful to me. I hate New Years Resolutions that end up meaningless by the end of January so this was a better solution for me.

I found that as I got to the end of the 2019 I started ticking off my “life admin” and getting some things done that had been hovering for a while.  I acknowledge I work incredibly well to a deadline but get so much busier as the year progresses with work to the point where December is just manic, and that means personal projects can languish or fall by the wayside.


I resolved that this year I was going to focus on some bigger quarterly goals, and use each week as a springboard to revisit what I know I’m not getting to, the what I “should” be doing (with the benefit of a (4 year that took a bit longer working full time!) health science degree and a load of weekly journal reading) and along the way discovering some more granularity and focus on what well-being encompasses and really means for me.

As you’ll see with my weekly habits so far, some are universal: adequate hydration is key to health; and others are more specific to what I identified as something I needed to try and incorporate in my life.  I fully expect to not like every habit I try (like the morning routine), or for it not to be the right time to include or perhaps the target is too broad and I need circle back and aim at something more specific and meaningful.

I love cycling and I think there is much learn from Team Great Britain’s ‘marginal gains’, which is kind of what these 52 habits will become: small, incremental, positive change.

elphant journal

Above image with thanks to Elephant Journal.

I’ve deliberately not chosen some key wellness concepts like meditation to introduce early on.  Not because the practice isn’t amazing, but I wanted to carve out a foundation level of achievement first.

What have I done so far?

Week 1: Hydration ✅

Week 2: Morning routine ‍‍❌

Week 3: Get Sh*t done ✅

Week 4: Movement ✅

Week 5: Digital Detox ✅

Week 6: Better night time routine ✅

Week 7:  well that one is going to be posted today 🙂

Thanks for following and check back for updates 🙂

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