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Sayonara 2020

My 2020 started in Port Douglas. Ocean swims, dolphins, fun, sun and far too much food. Good times! Nek minnite, we experienced bushfires, pandemic, iso lockdowns, change in working environment, home schooling, toilet paper hoarding, lines at the supermarket, blank grocery shelves, a resurgence in sourdough baking, […]

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Ground, centring, self care in a turbulent time

During times of turmoil and ambiguity, we can become unsettled, anxious, and disconnected from the anchors that we draw emotional strength from. More than one-third of Australians feel disconnected from family and friends at the moment. People in those industries that haven’t stopped during this period are […]

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Pyroluria – the basics – part 1

Pyroluria is a metabolic disorder involving haemoglobin synthesis and is exacerbated when the body is under stress.  Haemoglobin is an iron containing protein in red blood cells which binds to and transports oxygen around the body.  In people with pyroluria, a by-product of haemoglobin synthesis called  HPL […]

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