Coconut Yoghurt

I love Coconut Yoghurt but at $12.99 for a little tub it’s out of my everyday price range. And I do like making my own foods so I was delighted to find a couple of simple recipes to try. Apologies for the ugly url’s – my website has done a little awry.

I combined the recipes from   and  The Mindful Foodie’s recipe was very simple and the only slight changes I made were to use 1/4 tapioca flour and to add 1/4 cup yoghurt starter suggested by Mixing in the Kitchen with a probiotic capsule (contents mixed into the yoghurt). I also used an “easy-yo” yoghurt maker, and made sure that I only filled boiling water up to the red baffles.

The yoghurt had the consistency of a very thick pouring cream (as opposed to a thick pot set greek yoghurt), and I wonder if this is because I used a different probiotic and tapioca instead of kudzu as a thickener? While I like thick yoghurt, this batch will definitely not go to waste.  It has a lovely unctuous coconutty flavour and while a little sweet I think it would work with savoury curries also.


I’m going to use a vegan yoghurt starter ‘SYAB1’ from for my next batch, and since this starter can be used with soy, almond and coconut milk perhaps it will extend to quinoa and oat milk also?  Happy fermenting times ahead!



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