Food & Spirit™

Food and Spirit™ is a unique, integrative, full spectrum approach to healing your whole self, using ancient traditions and modern science and encompassing the seven different aspects (largely based on the chakra system) that makes up a person’s health and wellbeing. Food and Spirit™ is embedded in our practice.


The Food and Spirit™ introductory 6 week program is very much a holistic exploration of family, relationships, creativity, emotions, energy, balance, empathy, authenticity, truth, reflection, connection and purpose, within a food and nutrition frame work.

You will find that Food and Spirit™ offers you something very different and completion of the intake forms alone has been described as ‘cathartic’, ‘eye opening’ and ‘transformative’.

It suits those that are seeking an integrated body + mind + spirit approach to wellness and utilizes tools such as a daily life log, whole self questionnaire and laddering techniques to develop a personalised plan which may incorporate such modalities as mindful eating, food as medicine, meal planning, journalling, affirmation, guided imagery, meditation & flower essence therapy.

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