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This practice incorporates general one on one consults, shorter wellness reviews (for those who are working through a treatment plan), acute care (cold, hayfever, script reformulations etc) check-ins, Annual Wellness programs and Skype appointments through to a range of customised programs and functional laboratory testing.

Initial Comprehensive (two) appointments
Naturopathic medicine is the original ‘functional medicine’, with a focus on connecting your current symptoms & health conditions, diet, lifestyle and personal and family health history to identify the root causes of your ill health.

The focus of your initial appointment is to gather as much relevant information about your health as possible.
Your pre-appointment questionnaire(s), your health history, diet / lifestyle information, past test results and any in -clinic screening tests performed help to provide valuable insights into your case and develop a better understanding of your health concerns and goals. This assists with the formulation of an appropriate treatment plan for discussion at your second appointment. Additional investigations may be recommended between the two appointments, via a functional pathology laboratory or referral to your GP.

Return Appointments
Generally return appointments take between 30-40 minutes.
They may take longer (1-1.5 hours) depending on your individual health requirements and these longer return appointments are often arranged in advance and will be billed on a ‘time’ basis.

Duration and frequency
In most cases, follow-up appointments are recommended every 1-2 weeks in the early stages of treatment (this is very much dependent on your individual case), to help educate, coach and support the introduction and integration of new health and lifestyle protocols, to monitor your progress and answer any questions relating to treatment.
When sufficient improvements have been made these appointments are extended to monthly, and then quarterly or as required.

Shorter wellness reviews or coaching appointments may be scheduled while waiting for pathology results, or, if undergoing a weight loss plan, for weigh in’s and measurements.

The timeframe related to symptom abatement and improvements in health is very much dependent on the individual and their primary health concerns. Some individuals obtain quick results whilst others take several months or longer. The natural healing process can take time and requires your input.
Naturopaths do not aim to simply alleviate your current symptoms – our goal is to facilitate a greater level of health and optimal wellness.

Wellness Appointments
Existing clients who have attended the clinic in the past 3 months may select this option for a 15 min ‘wellness checkin’ during which time the Naturopath will review your case and current prescription. You will be advised when making forward bookings if this appointment is appropriate. *Note due to time constraints this consult best suits those patients who are undertaking a treatment plan.

Acute Appointments
Existing clients who have attended the clinic in the past 6 months may select this option for a 15 min ‘Acute’ consult for self-limiting conditions such as the common cold, or upper respiratory infections.
*Note due to time constraints this consult will focus on addressing presenting symptoms and prescribed supplements are at additional cost.

Enquiries between appointments

I welcome your queries, and appreciate that these may occur between appointments when you initiate supplementation or implement dietary changes. I will endeavour to address your queries within a short email reply on my in-clinic days but should it take longer or be of a more complex nature these may be best addressed in your next appointment.


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